How do I improve print quality underneath supports?

Getting good print quality where supports meet the print is something I have always struggled with. The underside of the resulting print is always very rough, and with my SN especially, the supports are very difficult to remove. I’ve attached sample photos and my S3D settings. I’ve played around with them a bit with not much success and just don’t know where to take it from here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I would also like to know how to accomplish that,

I will say that you can make it easier to remove by adding more upper vertical separation layers.

with that said, the cooling on the snapmaker is not great. i theorize that increasing temperature and having the proper cooling to back it up will result in better overhangs.

From various benchmark prints I’ve done, my v1 doesn’t need supports until the overhang is > 60º (when I print a 0.1mm layer). By increasing the Max Overhang Angle, you won’t need as many supports. Fewer supports means less surface damage.

I have seen that different layer heights affects the quality of the overhangs, but I haven’t taken the time to dial in. Looking at two examples I have handy, 0.1mm does fine up to 60º, and 0.2mm does fine up to 50º.

For this particular example, you might try a different support pattern. Cura supports various types, including “concentric”. For some cylinders I’ve printed, it produced much better surface finishes. I don’t know if S3D has those options though. Cura has a ton of support styles and params that can be tweaked, but most of them are hidden. Cura’s Tree supports have also helped my surface finishes in a lot of cases, but I don’t think printing a sphere would be one of them.