Stupid question: Custom Firmware on Artisan? (same as on 2.0?)

Hi everyone!

Context: I have an Artisan, and Luban does not (yet) fulfill my requirements for the laser part (not to speak of CNC in this thread…)

I am therefore trying to get Lightburn to work fully with my Artisan, and it seems for the 2.0, the Firmware fork/patches from @Skreelink is the way to go for best results. The very comprehensive integration thread for getting full control with Lightburn and the 2.0 does not specifically mention the Artisan yet, as far as I can see (maybe I overlooked something).

Soooo, stupid (or at least naive) question(s):

  • Would the 2.0 custom FW run on the Artisan controller?
  • Is the base Artisan version of the official Firmware already open sourced, so similar patches could be applied?
  • Or, in the final reflection, is there already a surefire way to get get communication and control easily and reliably working between Lightburn and the Artisan with the stock firmware?

Thanks for any input,

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I haven’t seen the Artisan FW source yet, and I haven’t noticed any work being done to package the firmware for installation. It was a bit of work to reverse engineer the build and install process for the 2.0.

Thanks for the reply!

Pity, I had hoped a simple re-flashing of the FW would be possible to unlock the full potential :slight_smile:

Does anybody know for sure if (and if yes, when) there are plans to open-source the Artisan FW?

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You don’t have to use patches firmware to use lightburn. Just follow the guide but skip patching.

And don’t forget to fill out a ticket for this to wiggle the developers:)