Struggling with warping

Hi there,

I’m struggling dialing in settings to print a piece. It seems to warp. Not on the base plate but later on, near the top. I’ve attached the STL, it’s supposed to be a dome, but the edges warp up for some reason.

Also attached pictures.

Any advice settings wise?


Thomas_Helmet-Dome-Top-V1.5_No_Mirror_Single.stl (3.3 MB)

I would have a raft under all that support.
Support structure isn’t designed to do bed adhesion it’s there to support overhangs.
You might need to reduce the raft air gap so the support sticks well. This is usually a problem when you need to remove the raft but in your case it’s only support that will be touching the raft apart from a few very small points on the circular holes.

If I print so much support with a model, the first layer should be really slow to get best adhesion results.
An enclosure would help a lot to avoid warping.

Trying a raft with 0.1mm air gap and first layer slow! I’ll let you all know!

Too bad, stopped it at 68% because I saw similar warping occur at the edge of the dome.

The raft stuck greatly to the bed, but that didn’t keep the dome from warping. See attached.

Any other tips are more than welcome.

In the first place, the material is unknown.
I think it’s PLA since it’s 200℃ 70℃, but if it’s ABS, the edges will warp…

Yeah sorry it’s PLA. Furthermore, the printer is enclosed in a closed off stainless steel cupboard, see pic.

How about you place the hemispherical model vertically? Please select raft adhesion type.


I have not seen many PLA materials that warp that much.
If you have PLA material from other manufacturers, you might want to compare them.

Also, if I were to output, I would make it look like this.
I hope this is helpful…

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Thanks to @Blockmodule

This screenshot shows my intention as well.

I’ll try this tomorrow and will let you guys know!

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Success! See pic, thanks for the pointers all!



You’ve molded it beautifully!

I’m relieved :slight_smile:

Glad that you have printed this model. This may be

Thank you @Blockmodule .

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