Strange behaviour of CNC

Have you met any strange behaviour of CNC?

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It has been sneaking into my cupboard and drinking my Single Malt Whiskies:rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Yeah descriped here: CNC mill outbreaks

Yes. Here’re the strange things that I know about the current CNC settings in the Snapmakerjs, which will be fixed and improved in the near future.

1.Being unable to generate the G-code file (the Output panel is disabled) when choosing “Outline” as Carve Path with a SVG file importing. I think that it happens when there are two lines being too close to each other that they cannot be cut in outline mode. Therefore, after adjusting the lines in the image or switching to “On the Path”, it’s fixed.

2.The preview image won’t be located in the center on the axis after I choose “Center” as Anchor. It should be a bug for the preview window since I can see the right, centered image when loading it to the workspace, and the cutting result is correct, centered.

Nothing more.