CNC mill outbreaks

Hello Snapmaker Forum,

I’ve just started with the CNC module and getting a really bad resulst. I’m not sure if the module or the bit is broken or if I’m doing something wrong.

I wanted to mill a sd-card, usb stick stand made of wood. But on the entry point of the wood I’m getting those outbreaks.

Did someone face the same problem?

Here to visualize it here is my gcode file:

Hello frankred,

do you use fusion 360 to generate the G-Code?
In German it’s called “Anfahrweg/Ausfahrweg”. It tells the CNC after it has finished carving the Profil to get away and not damage it.

At 17:20 you can see the setting
At 23:24 you can see what happens if you don’t apply your setting correct in the Simulation.

Hello Raumiland,

thank you for your reply. I’m glad that this is a regular behaviour and my cnc is not damaged :).
To generate the gcode Im just using Snapmakerjs with an SVG(created by Incscape).

Do you know if changing the outgoing or ingoing trace(Anfahrweg/Ausfahrweg) of the cnc mill is possible with Snapmakerjs?

Is that where it is stepping down for the next level? It looks like either bad code or cutter movement when it’s plunging down. How deep are you going for each pass? If you do a clearing path to get most of the material out of the pocket, then a finishing pass so the cutter is only removing a small amount of material on the finished walls that, may fix the problem.

I would suggest using Fusion as well. It’s free for hobbyists and has better tools for clearing material and finishing the walls. It can be confusing at first but there are plenty of tutorials to help.

Yes, this is where it steps down for the next level. I used the default Snapmakerjs setting 0,8mm.
I will have a deeper look at fusion 360. And will retry my sd-slots and usb-slots :wink:

Thank you for the help!

I just installed Fusion360 and I really like it. I created an usb slot but now I’m struggling with the CNC mill settings. Can someone approve this settings?

Screenshot of the tool settings:

I just saw this page where I can download the Fusion360 Tool File and also the postprocessor file. For other users:

But after generating and cnc my usb slot, I’m getting the same outbreaks but now in the corners of the material. I just figured out that my cnc drill does not seem to be spin accurate. It seems it is kind of bend. To make that visible I replaced the carving bit.

The offset is very big more than 1mm.

I carved like 20 times hard wood with cnc and it feels like it gets even more worse after every cnc session.
Does anybody have the same issue?

Support is not responding via email. Does anybody known how to contact snapmaker ?

Hi, the offset is abnormal. It might happen when the working speed for carving hard materials is too fast. What are the working speed and material did you use after you noticed this phenomenon?
BTW. I believe that the support team will reply you soon. They usually reply within two business days. :slight_smile:

Hi Jade, thanks for responding! I’ve used the default Snapmakerjs speed 800/300/500.
The material was regular pinewood.

It seems that the speed and materials are fine though I usually set a lower working speed (200) and plunge speed(300) to ensure a better carving edge. I think that you shall submit a warranty request to the support team now. Things will be fixed in the end.

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