Snapmaker Luban and js CNC crashes

When I’m trying to make vector cutouts of files similar to things I’ve cutout before its previewing the file with hundreds of points where it drops the bit rather than just 2 or 3 to cut out each section. The last successful gcode I made had a time estimate of 18 hours to cut out a basic shape. I’ve cut out bigger shapes than this one in 5-15 minutes. I tried to re upload the file and snapmakerjs completely crashed and closed itself. Both programs have done this to me along with the same problem when trying to set the toolpath to “Outline”.

Ive cut a similar sized cutout on my A350 in less than an hour. This ones showing 9 hours and a million points where bit drops

There are two issues here:

  1. Set the path to “Outline”, the software crashes. You can provide your vector file on the forum so we can reproduce the issue, or you can contact technical support as well.
  2. The estimated execution time for CNC is way too large, not even close to actual carving…

For my 2 issues.

  1. Set the path to outline: It doesnt matter what file i use. It happens with everything.
  2. My CNC estimated execution times have been pretty spot on accurate. For the file a posted above, I vectored the png file using a different site and it worked fine. estimated time was 39 mins and actual time took 43 minutes. I have another file just a name plate 310mmx200mm cutting out the background around the letters and inside a border. Generating g-codes using both the ball and flat mill bits it estimates 27-36 hours. I made a third g-code today using a custom bit, flat end with 6mm cutting distance, and it estimated 17 hours.
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It happens with everything? Like doesn’t matter how complicated the files are? Did you update Luban to the latest version? What operating system are you using?

Yes. I have the latest versions. I even completely uninstalled both from my computer and redownloaded them. But it didnt help. I have a Windows computer

I have sent you a PM, Please check your inbox.