Expand the list of parts in the Online Store

Hello fellows!, I posted this comment on Facebook, and I share it here, because it is possibly the most suitable place for it.

I would very much like the possibility that the Snapmaker team, sells in the online store, more than the parts that make up the snapmaker machine, in case any of us accidentally damaged a piece or simply stop working and our 3-in-1 was already out of warranty.

For example, the controller module, LCD screen, the stepper motors, FAN, coolers for the printer module, tools, Grease or lubricat for the maintenance of the pieces, (spatula replacement) even the screws!!!.

I know that many those parts are common and could be obtained in different places. But, I particularly think and I would prefer to buy it from Snapmaker store, if they sell it, because that way I would be safe and calm that I will buy the same replacement piece when I need it!

What does the snapmaker team think about this?



Yep… if I can’t buy one part I need for it, then I’ll be getting a different printer all together.

I agree. I wanted some more screws, because I’ve been attaching a lot of things to my snapmaker (like the YASTH [https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2823943]). It’s a little thing, but I can come up with various reasons why end users might want extra/replacements for every part, even the base plate.

I agree that access to replacement parts would be very helpful. I would also like to be able to purchase some of the parts that are pictured on the website like the parts for the Delta printer configuration, or even longer rails and a larger bed. I have to say that I really enjoy using the Snapmaker and it has become my go-to for any maker project I do. I think the folks at Snapmaker have great vision and I would like to share in their journey to grow the Snapmaker line of products.

Best Regards - Bacchus

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