STL & G-code Files Collection - For J1 3D Printer

Inspired by @Tone 's work on creating a collection of links for Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D printer community. SnapLinks -- Wiki

This is a collection of tested STL and G-code files for J1. Please help to build this collection together. When you successfully print something that is interesting or useful, you can reply to this topic with your prints info. We will add them into the collection after testing them on ourselves. Thank you for your input! - Jade


  1. Only use these G-code files on J1 3D printer. Do not use them on any other 3D printers.
  2. This collection aims to provide some tested G-code files for beginners so that they can get started with J1 easily.
  3. Make sure that you only download and use the files that we share in the “Tested G-code Files” section.
  4. Make sure that you know why there are some people saying that “Dont use G-code you didnt slice yourself”.
  5. Make sure that you only share and upload the G-code files that you have successfully printed on your J1.

Suggested Format:

Model name

  • Link to original topic on Forum or Facebook Group (Optional)
  • 3D model file download link.
  • G-code file download link of your print on J1.
  • Description: Filament info, build plate surface type, nozzle type, printing notes, printing difficulty, etc.

Tested Files

Choose default mode for the print page on the screen when printing with the following G-code files. Do not copy or mirror again.

Single Material Prints:

Dual Color Prints:

Dual Material Prints:

  • PLA + TPU
    To be added

I just received my J1 and after calibrations were completed, I was trying these out as my first test prints since they came preloaded. Weirdly enough both tried to print about 2cm above the print bed? Ended up with filament blobs on bed before I aborted each. Why is the Z height for both runs off by so far even after Calibration print test passed?

Did you calibrate again after firmware update? It seems that some users forgot this step.

That seemed to do it. Thanks!
Perhaps have a pop up screen at end of update with a reminder to re-calibrate the system?
Also is there a way to do all calibrations sequentially like the initial one? Doing them one by one is a lot of take the plate off, put the plate on, take the plate back off activity…. (Just a suggestion)

You can re-run the Wizard; it’s an option labeled ‘Wizard’ in the Settings menu, iirc.

Did the benchy. The printer vibrated massively and caused a shift in the print. I slowed the work rate down for the second print to 40%. Both prints can be seen in the image, which I took as the second print was printing.