Replacement parts-Source for stainless-steel strips and extruder fan-shroud?

I recently purchased a Snapmaker 2.0 A350 w/rotary module and instantly became engrossed in it’s capabilities and the endless possibilities it offers. Unfortunately, the my inner noob took over and very rapidly progressed through many of the failures with which I have seen many others struggle. The worst of which was the infamous “blob” experience and I must say, it was a doozy. I was within my fifteen-day “no questions asked” return period so I returned to the vendor to discuss my options. I didn’t bring the whole unit but just the print-head and to make a long story somewhat shorter, the experience was horrendous and resulted in no way to continue but return the entire unit the next day or purchase another then and there. Naturally, I chose to purchase another. So now I am the proud owner of two A350s (each w/rotary module and one w/enclosure)! All my equipment is less than 30 days out-of-purchase and other than already replaced hot-end (graciously provided with the unit), everything seems merely cosmetic and functional.The issue I have is in obtaining replacement parts for the disfigured fan-shroud that was disfigured from the blob and a stainless-steel strip for a linear-rail that I accidentally dented while trying to remove the blob. I checked BH Photo (as suggested in another thread) and they have quite an impressive collection of parts. Sadly, they do not offer the parts I seek. Does anyone have any experience obtaining either (or both) of the parts I’ve mentioned (fan-shroud | stainless-steel strip). Would an email to support prove wothwhile? Any advice would be appreciated.

Yes, if those parts are available you would get them through support.

However, in my experience, the linear modules are an entire assembly from snapmaker’s manufacturing partner and they would not sell anything more granular then an entire module. So you may have to buy a whole module.

However, a dent sounds superficial and unlikely to affect performance. If it gets dust or debris in it you might have to increase cleaning frequency.

For the fan shroud, maybe they will sell that individually, but again likely to sell you a whole toolhead.

Thank you for such a quick reply! Having just purchased everything at full price just prior to the current sale, I was hoping that there may be a moree “granular” (and less costly) way to get the issues resolved as my Wife is already prepared to exile me to my workshop.

Well, it sounds like your problems aren’t without workarounds.

I wouldn’t be worried about the strips, just open them up once in a while and check for dust.

For the for the print cooling put a desk fan blowing across the bed, you should be able to get good prints that way.

(With the gen 1 toolhead that’s what I did because there was inadequate cooling from the small fan)

That should at least keep you printing until replacement parts arrive.

If you feel handy, the 3dp toolhead is “easy” to disassemble. You could try repairing the shroud. Unfortunately everything has to come out though, the fan shroud is one of the last things to come out.