Specs comparison between Artisan and Snapmaker 2.0

This is a very informative chart comparing Snapmaker Artisan and Snapmaker 2.0. Please let us know what do you think and if you want to learn more about this.

Most of my use of the snapmaker 2.0 has been 3D Printing, so I’m curious about the maximum temperature difference between the A350 and the Artisan. The A350 can reach 275C, whereas the Artisan can go up to 300C, so I assume that’s partly why there’s a few more supported materials for the Artisan as a result. Is this a power limitation of the Snapmaker 2.0?

Also the PEI coated glass print bed… would it be possible to get something like that for the Snapmaker 2.0? There’s a lot of DIY jobs on the forums to accomplish similar but seeing the Artisan head in that direction, it’d be interesting to hear if something similar could be offered for the 2.0.

The hotzone vs. full bed temps indicate that use of some of the more esoteric filaments might be a bit more size limited vs. being able to use the whole bed. The new extruder temp limit isn’t much higher, but nice to see they’re going to actively support different nozzle diameters as that presumably might ripple backward (in Luban slicing support) to the older machines. (I assume its possible now playing with layer heights in Luban and perhaps changing the extruder calibration and some other settings, its just not as ‘plug and play’.)

If that touchscreen is now a 7in diagonal that new control unit is a bit of a chunk! (But maybe not so much bigger in volume than the existing PSU, just a blockier form factor.)

I’m also curious about going to a 40mm leadscrew now for X and Y. Does this denote a decrease in accuracy/repeatability in exchange for still more speed, or was the original 2.0 series 8mm just too small originally?

Looks like 10W laser, dual extruder, and enclosure are all ‘included’ with Artisan now. At effectively A350 size (I know, not exactly) I bet that’s going to command a pretty asking price.

It is certainly intriguing. Not so intriguing for me to consider as an existing owner, but I still wish SM the best for new user purchases.