Questioins about whats changed

Hi guys, its been awhile.

I see there are a lot of new things out.

Does the dual print module have a laser sensor instead of proximity sensor to work with the glass beds they are now selling or not? If not, does their little custom glass sheet with coating fit on the A350?

Have there been any changes on the heated bed? The one on the A350 is rather weak.

Are the upgraded linear modules actually worth it?

The linear modules are less noisy, i love that i could rum a print over night and have not to worry any more about that my settings are too loud.
Worth it, dont know, its still very expensive and i dont go really faster (max 100mm/s) than before. This means the old modules could do nearly the same in speed.

I dont know much about the dualextruder, still waiting, sry.

There is no new heated bed for the 2.0.
The Artisan could heat the bed partially.
There should come a quick change mounting solution, this was promised by support, lets see, time will tell.

Hey @MooseJuice! Welcome back!

The proximity sensor in the dual print head is an “optoelectronic” switch and does NOT work with glass beds on the SM 2.0.

The coated glass bed for the Artisan does NOT fit the A350, as the Artisan surface area is 400x400, though theoretically you could buy it and then have it cut down to size by someone else. Not sure if this coated glass bed is compatible with the opto switch in the dual print head.

There have been no changes to the 2.0’s heated bed.

The only benefit to date of the new linear rails is that they are quieter. There is an additional benefit in the works where new firmware will add vibration compensation that should allow them to move a bit faster than the old rails. In either case, you have to buy a completely new set of all 5 rails, as the new ones are not cross-compatible with the old ones, even though 3 of the 5 are essentially the same as the old.

The new rails are faster but this is only beneficial when using the 10w laser.
With 3d it’s unnecessary. With cnc they’re actually less desirable as the trade-off for more speed is they’ll have less torque and holding power. (theoretically. Haven’t seen any proof or any response from SM that this isn’t correct. No specs I’ve seen indicate they’ve also upgraded the motors)