Spare aluminium tag


Any idea where to buy those tags?
Need more of them… of that type!


Yep I had the same question :grin: They look awesome and I’d love to order some more to etch and use as gifts

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I like the tag too, and I want more. I wrote snapmaker an email. I will report their awnser as soon as possible.

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Just adding to this. I would also like to be able to buy a package of these.

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I know that I saw them somewhere, and I thought it was Amazon, though it could have been AliExpress or Bangood. Anywho, here are others on Amazon:

Yea. You can get thousand of adonized aluminum tags. I also invested much time in research the common online Shops, but I only found the common tags. But the snapmaker is the fanciest one.

Snapmaker replied:
They will evaluate the possibility to buy these fancy tags. I also mentioned this thread.
Let’s see what’s happening


So many claim to be anodized and are clearly just painted, and poorly at that…

Unfortunately, search algorithms haven’t returned exactly what you ask for, for the past 20+ years. Prior to that, they only returned exactly what you asked for. Then Google discovered that they can make billions of dollars by including other results as well, and it’s been that way ever since. You always need to read the fine print. :wink:

P.S. A very poor anodization job can look like paint, but it is actually anodized. I’ve seen this mostly happen with black non-brushed anodization.


I wrote to support and they are considering it.
The most people request to support, the best outcome I reckon.


Just got this reply from Support:

Hi Niels K,

Thanks for reaching out to Snapmaker!

There has been a bit of interest in other people getting them as well (from the forum and Facebook)
We don’t sell them now but I have forwarded this request to our colleague.

We will review this request this week and update this information next week.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.
Have a nice day.

So hopefully we’ll get an update on this somewhere next week!

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So I got a reply back from support, they do sell them now through support it seems.

Thanks for your patience.

We could sell the aluminum tag now.
Please let me know how many you need

One piece is $1.99 and the shipping fee is $12.00.

That’s what I call, expensive!

Yeah, all the requests pretty much dried up when that got posted. “Um, never mind” is exactly what I thought when I read it the first time.
Snapmaker, please do better.