Laser Engraving Anodized Aluminum

After not finding anyone who has posted about engraving anodized aluminum, I figured I would figure it out myself. The SM isn’t a very strong laser, but it can do it. The trick is slow and steady. My settings are below, and I’m not sure if I could have gone faster. I did it at a work speed of 100, but wasn’t satisfied. I dropped it down, and it worked, so I didn’t mess with it after.

*Note: Jig holding the plate was also printed on the SM.

Jog: 500
Work: 20
Pass: 8
Depth: 0


That looks great! Where did you get the stock material? I’m starting to have some ideas! :smiley:

I got them from Amazon. I got the 1mm thick ones because I also tried doing CNC engraving. The laser looked a lot better though.

One thing to note, this took about 8 hours. Just FYI.

Excellent, thanks! I’m thinking of making some client gifts like that this year.

Thank you so much! I always wanted to laser engrave or mark metal but had no idea how since the laser wasn’t strong enough for the ways I found. This way I can at least do some.