Anodized Aluminum & Marking

I now have countless hours, including all nighters, over the past couple of weeks, trying to mark anodized aluminum with Cermark and LBT marking spray. I am using Luban and a vector graphic exported from Inkscapce. I have tried numerous settings all the way down to 100 mm/min, at 100% power, and have used up to 2 passes. I can see the image in the spray, but then most of it wipes off with water with just a very faint image of the object I was trying to burn. I have tried 1 thin coat, all the way to 3 thin coats. I am at a complete loss and I have committed to completing this project for a friend for a looming deadline…his anniversary. Please share any advice or tips, setting where you have been successful with a 10w diode laser. Thanks in advance. ~Chuck

Anodized aluminum doesn’t need any marking spray, here’s one I did when I first got the 10W.

Snapmaker’s official settings for anodized aluminum are 100% power and 3000mm/min speed as found here:


How do I get a black “engraving” on unpainted anodized aluminum without the marking spray?

Uhm… the anodization is what gets removed when laser engraving anodized aluminum. It’s not painted at all. Anodization is putting a coating on the aluminum, you can’t laser anything ONTO the aluminum. For that, you’ll need an infrared or CO2 laser.

There might be a misunderstanding about what is the anodized aluminum :slight_smile:
@SaltLife3 - give us a picture of what it is you are trying to engrave.

omg, I am so embarrassed. I had purchased aluminum sheet for a different project and grabbed that one instead of the anodized piece. Thank you!!

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Glad you figured it out. :slight_smile: Hopefully it comes out great.