Snapmaker2.0 Tool Box

The design isn’t very good, but I made a toolbox, and if you are interested in it, the STL data is available at the following URL.


I like it very much :slight_smile:

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Way to go friend! Glad to see you are doing well and using your machine :smiley:

the english translation of your page is amusing

the homepage of weed

i like that you have your own web page :smiley:

Looks great, i will give it a try after inserting new spool but … im kinda confused why only english text there is about not posting it on thingiverse … btw any reason why you did not posted it there your self? I can imagine it would be more findable and accessable that way.

Hello, MooseJuice!
I had a lot of trouble, but I managed to get a usable level.

My A250 has different dimensions for the forward and backward ends of all six linear modules, which causes bumping and noise, as well as misalignment.

Since bumps occur in all combinations, I use molding speed and travel speed reduced by 15% from the default values in the Fast Print setting.

I gave up because I was too tired to use the Y-axis without reducing the speed.

I can only speak Japanese, so I have to go through translation software.
Japanese nuances are “wrong nuances” in the English translation, but I don’t notice them…

I’d rather play with Snapmaker than learn English :slight_smile:

The website is my source of income…
It’s hard to maintain and manage 3 domains, a website and a server.

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Yes I realize it is a mistranslation, no worries. it was just a funny thing. because in american it would be the homepage of marijuana


I hope you continue to find success in your endeavors. I recently added a pyrex glass (borosilicate) sheet to my printer and the heat transfer is very even and the surface is very flat!

Hello, astromedia!

Thanks for taking a look at my website.
I refuse to reprint or sell my work to websites similar to thingiverse, either in Japanese or English.

I certainly understand that it would be easier for more people to see and access the site.

However, since the website is my source of income for living, I aim to make it accessible…

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Thanks for the reply, MooseJuice.

Oh, and marijuana!

The Japanese name of the website is “Turezure-Zassou”, which means…

Turezure means "to be pensive. The Japanese meaning of “turezure” is “to be pensive” or “to be bored because there is nothing to do. I’m bored.”

zassou “To live strongly even when trampled like a weed.”

It means to face boredom with a weed spirit.

I guess I’m turning into a drug sales website…

I’m going to study English:)

Thanks for the tip about the pyrex glass sheet.
Since it’s glass, won’t the auto-calibration make contact with the pyrex glass sheet due to its thickness?

I am interested in the calibration with pyrex glass sheet.

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You are correct, auto calibration is not really doable, unless you make one of these…

FiFix - The ultimative Levelingtool for Snapmaker 2.0 by Schnapsmaker - Thingiverse

One of our more active members from Germany created this and it works great!

just need a some screw and nuts, some glue and a little bit of aluminum or copper tape

Hi MooseJuice.Those leveling tools you told us about are great stuff!

I have no problem in producing this.
I don’t have any problem to produce this. Getting A250 size glass sheet seems to be more of a problem.

In Japan, A250 size is not sold, so I have to ask a glass shop to make it for me.

I will do some research.

Thanks for the info!

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Yes, I had asked a local glass shop to make me some

I ordered two pyrex and two regular glass 1/8" thick

the pyrex was $60 and the regular was $12

i am planning on experimenting with both to see if the pyrex is a lot better or not

Published on Thingiverse.
Available at: Snapmaker2.0 A150/A250/A350 Tool Box by Blockmodule - Thingiverse


fantastic work blockmodule :smiley: glad to see you are chugging away at awesome designs

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