[Snapmaker Showcase] Tools

Hey Guys, i´ve been printing several days :wink:

With a 1kg filamet spool it´s getting critical to get the filament to the head…

I designed and printed some useful tools like a waste-box+little-toolbox-combination and two little things for the cabling.

Here some pictures:

Here the files for the filament return pulley:

Bolzen.stl (126.6 KB)
linkage for the pulley:
Gestänge_V2.stl (383.0 KB)
Cableholder mount on Z-Axes:
Kabelhalteplatte an Z-Achse.stl (84.8 KB)
Rolle_V1.stl (242.6 KB)

Here the files for the storage and waste-bin:

Magazin Halterung Abstreifer v2.stl (44.8 KB)

Auffangbox.stl (147.9 KB)
Magazin.stl (300.8 KB)

I hope you like it!
Greets from Austria,


@xchrisd, these are great. I especially like your ideas for the waste box and cable holders. It’s very interesting to see how everyone comes up with different ways to enhance their Snapmaker.

What software did you use to design the tools?

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I created it with Fusion360.

Thanks for your reply :wink:

Hi all

Doug the newbie here with a HUGE thanks to all the talented users on this forum who share their great designs… they are truly appreciated.

Keep having fun


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