Snapmaker support in South Africa

Hi all,
I am about to buy the Snapmaker 2, but have been warned that the Snapmaker support in South Africa is very poor. What are your thoughts about this? is it worth the risk?

The retailer I approached seems honest and reliable enough.


In the absence of replies till now, I would say: proceed with care.

If the retailer is not a recognised Snapmaker dealer you may have issues with direct warranty and fuss-free replacement of faulty parts (once you manage to get Snapmaker to acknowledge that a part is faulty).

If not a recognised Snapmaker dealer they may have bought a batch from a warehouse.

If that is the case you would need to know that these are recent kits and have the latest linear drive modules and other upgrades.

Don’t imagine that because the price may be 3 times the cost of other equipment you won’t have to get involved with fiddling, tuning, and improving to get it working satisfactorily.

Which model are you considering?

thank you for the advice. I’m looking at the Snapmaker 2.0 350T 3-in-1 3D Printer with the enclosure. Yes, I know that I will have to tinker to make the toy work:)

The retailer promised me a short workshop/training/demo session before I buy. I will try to evaluate trustworthiness then:)


Over all I like the snapmaker machines and the upgrade environment.
There are a few things to think about:
Support needs to be handled with care, it seems if you are rude they support not like it should.
Support times over all are not fast. - This could be annoying if you are no tinkerer and believe the machine has to work because it’s expensive.

From the cost point you should be prepared for expensive future upgrades (dual extruder was 500€, 40w laser 800€,…) if you want them…

If there are any problems, your retailer (if it’s serious), the community and hopefully support will be there to get you satisfied again.

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thanks for the detailed advice. for me, this is a learning investment for the 3 related devices. I don’t think that I will buy any major upgrades (maybe the rotating thing for the CNC cutter.) I don’t see that I will purchase major upgrades for this, as I may move into dedicated machines for 1or3 of the components (3d, CNC, laswer) if I find that I must grow bigger.