「Snapmaker Showcase」Notebook


  • Snapmaker 3IN1 3D Printer allow the user to create much more wonderful projects. Especially when people work on hand-made projects. Here I want to share a hand-made project which made by laser and 3D printing tech.



  1. Step1: Print the Vintage skull and engrave the notebook

  2. Step2: Paint the Vintage skull
    Polish the 3D print and then lay on a coat of paint. Repeat this step 4 times for a smooth surface.

  3. Step3:Glue Notebook and 3D Print together

  • Tip: Using pencil to line out the boundary of picture. When you “Run boundary” on snapmakerjs making sure the laser can follow the line. It will insure that the picture engraved neatly on the notebook.


  • Hight quality