SnapMaker Ray Set-Up & First Use Help

I need help getting my Ray to work. It’s set up but the LED lights don’t work, the fan doesn’t work, and the machine keeps running into the wall when trying to “Go Home.”

I’m using Luban.

Sorry to hear that. Did you update the firmware to the latest version?

If not, you can download the firmware here:
Update the firmware via the provided microSD card : Updating the firmware of Ray | Snapmaker Wiki

If you encounter these issues with the latest firmware, then you should contact the support team as soon as possible. Submit a ticket here: Support Ticket Form

It took a few days, but I finally upgraded the firmware. I’m still having the same issue. Is there a way to calibrate the machine? So it can find its limits without setting off the “exceeded limit” error.

Do You have it „on” in the Machine Control Settings from Luban?

And about „Homing” I had this problem but using Lightburn - solution was easy - had to change settings in „Machine Settings” - Y HOMING DIRECTION INVERT $23 to False* and don’t forget to write it to the controller if you’re using Lightburn. (check picture) andddd before You change the settings save the original settings to the file - safety first :joy::sweat_smile:


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I did have it on. I thought I might have put the enclosure together wrong so I reassembled it and their still not working. The lights were enabled by default but nothing on in real life. Same thing for the exhaust fan.

Been really considering buying Lightburn for this. You might have sold me.

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Hi I’m having the same issue. Did you resolve its in the end? And if so how so?