Snapmaker Marlin "G3"?

Warum kann Marlin keinen G3 Befehl ausführen ?
Ich erstelle den Maschinencode mit Cura aber Snapmaker 2.0 A250 kann den Befehl G3 nicht ausführen.
Hat jemand eine Lösung?

Gruß Bernd

Feature Request: Support G2/G3 arcs #76

The short version is, there is some support for these commands in firmware, but it is still imperfect.

Thanks for the info, maybe there will be a solution soon

Many greetings Bernd

This request has been forwarded to our firmware developer, @scotthuang . He also is in charge of our GitHub repository. We will make sure if we will add G3 nearly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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thanks for the good news

best regards

You guys can pull requests in our GitHub repository, and our firmware developer will check the updates regularly.

Firmware code base