Available Gcode commands

I am wondering if it is possible to add gcode commands that don’t appear to be available in the SM 2 software, specifically G02 & G03 (circular interpolation). In addition to providing smoother curves, it would also considerably reduce the lines of code and hence the file size.

Those two specific commands are being worked on, apparently: Snapmaker Marlin "G3"?

Aside from the existing ticket to work on that, the firmware is open source on github: Snapmaker · GitHub

There are several threads on the forum about the process to compile and package the firmware. Just be aware that you could brick your snapmaker.

Thanks for the information. I will check it out. I didn’t realize it was open source. If someone has already modified the firmware it would be worth considering especially if has been tested.

G2/G3 is in the firmware version I’m using (old), and I don’t think it ever was removed.

It is defined here:

I think the issue raised in the repo is not about adding it, it’s about someone experienced a weird quirk causing it to move slowly. Personally, I haven’t experienced that though, it works fine when i need it.

It looks to be something interesting to experiment with, but might require additional knowledge of the hardware capabilities. Another reason I would like to see additional commands is efficiency which often speeds a process. Perhaps the hardware is a limiting factor.
Thank you for the help.

G3 and G2 has not been supported yet.

Please refer to this G-code sheet posted by @parachvte