Snapmaker Luban - new version no longer supports "support from base plate only"

I have loaded the latest version of Luban which has done away with being able to choose “support from baseplate only” or something of that nature. Now it is all or none. The result is I am getting support lines inside my threaded holes (threaded holes do not go all the way through the part) which are hard to remove. In the past, I just chose the support only for parts touching the base plate (or some wording of that sort). Any work arounds? Everything else is working just fine. I like many of the new improvements.

Is this version 4.4.0?

I just used that feature yesterday. It may be hidden depending on what you’ve selected to be displayed.

In the 3D print workspace, in the Printer Setting box I select More Settings to open the bigger selection of settings. Then at the top there’s a drop down list with Default, Basic, Custom, Advanced and All.
If I select Advanced or All (presumably you could add it into Custom as well) there a line for ‘Support Placement’ that has options for Everywhere, or Touching Buildplate.

It seems like a lot of extra clicking to get to see what’s a pretty useful parameter, but I can understand why there are options for how complex people might want to go. The full list looks pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re new to this.