Snapmaker J1 mirror print questions

Hello, everyone,
As of today, I am the proud owner of a J1 and I am totally thrilled.
Since my knowledge of English is unfortunately not that good, the Luban Beta is unfortunately not perfect for me.
But I tried it and it looks very good at first.
Even the network connection to the printer works.
The Cura connection is now clear after slicing send.

Are there instructions on how to print a component twice as a mirror print?
I’m not getting through it at the moment.

via google translator

Hi i3sven, sorry I just saw this topic now. Do you still need instructions on mirror mode? If yes, I’ll write a quick and simple one for you. It’s still in our writing list.


I’ve now figured out how to do it, once you know it’s easy.
But for future prints and users it would certainly not be bad to have instructions.

Glad to hear that! :smile: We’ll provide instructions for J1-related Luban features and operations asap and welcome any feedback :heart: