Snapmaker J1 Linear Bearings Z-Binding Issues

That was what I mean.

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You scared me into checking a bit closer on my z axis, so i cleaned off the old dirty grease and put on some new grease and the clicking sound is 100% gone :grinning:

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What clicking sound you mean? I have check it all too. Where was it from @RalosZk? I put grease on the z rails and the middle axis. I have hear no click if I move the Z. Is there some special that I have to wach.

You scared me buddy’s :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

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When moving the bed all the way up in start of a print, I could hear a faint clicking noise but it got less and less with time and now that I cleaned and regreased the 2 smooth z-rods, the noise is gone.

If you regreased your z rods from the start and cant hear any clicking noise, I think you’re good =)


Yeah I have grease them before the first print, and check all screws and stuff like that.

Don’t have the click😅 Hope it’s just the simple no grease issue on @RalosZk printer.

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If you don´t hear any noises when you move the Z-axis and you don´t have any weird artifacts on the print (like I do), then you´re fine.

In my case the problem is, that the linear bearings where probably not lubricated bevor assembly, so there is no grease inside the Bearings.
Lubricating the roads won´t and didn´t help (I tried it), because the Bearings have sealings to keep dust outside and the grease inside.
When you lubricate the rails, the sealing just pushes the grease up and down while moving.
Mechanikus explained everything in his thread Things to do first with a new J1

I´m waiting for my new syringe tips, so I can try again hitting the ball bearings with grease inside the linear bearings.

Perhaps I can make a small documentation, how I did it with the syringes. Usually you have to disassemble the Bearings from the road and lubricate everything, but I don´t want to mess around with the J1´s housing.

Holy moly.
This doesn´t match my kind of problems I guess :slight_smile:

I´m glad, that I didnt buy the machine as Kickstarter.

That will very helpful, I fight with the rails and the greasing problem too, can’t find syringe that matches. I don’t want damage the seal or something if I push them in the holes. Not easy to grease that machine

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How to lubricate your J1 linear bearings without disassembly:
-use small syringe (3ml) with luer lock system
-use NLGI class 2 grease
-use a straight 25G small syringe tip (24G is to big and 26G is always breaking)
-insert the needle between the rod and the sealing

-try to get as deep as possible into the bearings and push the grease inside
-you have to repeat this process from the top and from the bottom at several locations around the bearings, so you hit the ball bearings inside (I recommend every 60°)
-check if the noise is gone by moving the z-axis up and down. If not you have to put more grease inside the bearings (maybe at different locations).

You need a lot of force to get the grease inside. I recommend wearing gloves.
I used this equipment for it:
-syringe tips 25G:



I will try do it again next week and I will response if it worked or not.
Again, this is not how you should typically lubricate your linear bearings :slight_smile:


Think so you damage the seal and scratch it. I only grease on the rail. That works on all printer well.

On the pictures are not a linear rail. They are only on top.

Or did I misunderstood your posting

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Greasing the rails won´t help, as written bevor.
The grease won´t get inside the Linear bearings if you just put it on top of the rods/rails.
You can read about it in my post above and in the post from Mechanikus.

In the image above, where I put the syringe inside the linear bearing, you can see a lot of grease on top of the sealings, because I tried to put it directly on the rods. It doesn´t work.

You have to be really carefully with the syringes, when you put in inside the bearings. There is a small gap between the sealing and the rod, where you can push the syringe through. You DON´T push the syringe tip through the sealing. On long terms you´re right, it will destroy the sealings with this technique I guess.

This thread is not about the linear rails for x and y.
My problems are with the Z-axis linear bearings.

I was able to record the clicking noise. Like mentioned bevor, the noise is only hearable when I move the z-axis down. But I can´t see or feel any resistance, when I move the z-axis by hand.

@RalosZk Great Howto!

Just one addition: You will need to regrease several times until the clicking will be gone because you will never get the grease into the inner ball guides of the bearings like that. This is not a big problem since it will get in there by the z motion over time, but you will need to fill up what was lost until there is enough grease in there.

If you take care to slide the tip of the syringe on the metal rod with the hole (and therefore any sharp edges) facing towards the rod, the seal will not be damaged.

Usually the linear bearings should be greased when they are pulled off the rod, but this is a way of “lazy relubricating” I have been using since years. Once you have managed to fill them with grease (you will bit of grease coming out then over some prints), the lubrication intervals will decrease drastically.

And once again for everyone who did not understand this yet: lubricating the rails only will not bring any significant amount of grease into these bearings, you only grease the seals by doing so.

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Were you ever able to fix this problem? I have been having the same issue I believe.

Hi, did you try this method? Lubricating the Axes | Snapmaker Wiki

Hi All, I’m having same issues, in front of the bed the first layer is by far too high, at the back its too low. I investigated a bit further, also discussing the issue with Snapmaker support.
Z levelling works well, there is no software or process issue, the point is simply that the weight of the glass plate is missing and in my case difference at front side of the bed is 0,25mm with or without this add. weight of the glass. So this is clearly a mechn. issues. I have a made video to show this, but currently can’t upload it as a new member.
Then went a bit deeper checking the Z axis linear bearing, the are having a play about 0,04mm, which is a bit too much, Snapmaker will send news which I will try, lets see if this improves the situation. But I guess the mechn. design of the J1 is the issue, the 2pcs. 12mm rods are bit small and bending under load. So I think this problem with J1 can’t be solved entirely, only with a redesign.
I’m doing currently a trick, during Z calibration I’m putting a load to the middle of the heat bed ( similar to the weight of the glass plate) and it works perfectly.

First one with glass platte, you might see it in the backround.
Second one with glass, bed is going up by 0,25mm

@RalosZk were you able to fix your z-binding issues meanwhile. Was it suffice to lubricate the z- bearings?

I‘m currently fighting the same issue.

@Jade do you really believe lubricating the linear rails and z rods from the outside has any noticeable effect. Both have sealings to prevent dust entering and those seals block grease as well IMO.

Sorry guys, I was really busy in the past months, but I got a lot of help from the snapmaker Support.

I need to do some final test prints, which will show, if the problem is gone.
In short, I swaped the linear bearings with new ones, which I lubricated bevore assembly.

I will make a bigger post in the next 3 weeks, I´m really busy right now :frowning:

Snapmaker send you the new bearings? Did they send instructions how to replace them or had you fiddle that out on your own? Was it difficult?

Looking forward for the results of your test print.