Snapmaker Artisan Postprocessor (Fusion360 / SolidCAM)

Hi, I would like to use Fusion360 to create the G-code for milling with my Snapmaker Artisan. Unfortunately, I can only find a postprocessor for Snapmaker in general. Does the Artisan work with it? Has anyone had any experience with this?

Additional question: However, it would be best if I could use SolidCAM. However, I have not yet found a Snapmaker postprocessor for this. Is it very time-consuming to create this?

I’m just starting out, but have some basic knowledge of CNC milling, just not with Snapmaker or programming the post processor.

Thank you!

I read somewhere that you can use the snapmaker postprocessor for the Artisan.
Here you go:

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Yes, it works with the Artisan. I used it to mill a base plate for a marble clock and also to taper the leading edges of some plywood model rocket fins.

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Thank you! Did you just import the post processor or did you edit/customize it in Fusion?

I installed the Snapmaker post processor.