Snapmaker Artisan left nozzle doesn't lift up

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I am printing several things on the Artisan with a single filament, but the nozzle seems to rub against the infill when it moves. I did the Z calibration again and during the calibration I notice that the left nozzle does not lift while the right one does. is this normal? If yes any idea why is the nozzle rubing against the infill.

In this troubleshooting " Troubleshooting guide for nozzle scrapes on the bed during printing | Snapmaker Wiki" they only speak about the right nozzle" that’s why I was wondering if the left nozzle should lift up.

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Yes, only the right hot-end raises and lowers independently. The left hot-end only raises and lowers when the whole module raises and lowers.

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I also notice that the first layer is a bit larger than the rest. So probably the Z calibration is not good. I’ll try doing the Z calibration manually and see if that solves the problems.

You can set a Z offset on the touchscreen. I routinely have to apply a +0.1mm offset on both nozzles after calibration.

With Luban you can play with the parameter “Initial layer height”.

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There might be an issue with the left nozzle on your Snapmaker Artisan. Typically, both nozzles should lift during calibration to ensure proper clearance. The fact that only the right nozzle lifts while the left one doesn’t is indeed unusual.As for why the nozzle is rubbing against the infill, it could be due to several reasons:

  1. Calibration: If one of the nozzles isn’t lifting during calibration, it could lead to improper clearance, causing the rubbing against the infill.
  2. Uneven Bed Leveling: Ensure that your print bed is properly leveled for both nozzles to prevent any scraping against the print.
  3. Software Settings: Check your slicer settings to ensure that both nozzles are properly configured and that there are no offsets causing the left nozzle to print too low.
  4. Mechanical Issue: There could be a mechanical issue with the left nozzle assembly that’s preventing it from lifting correctly.

Since the troubleshooting guide you found only addresses the right nozzle, it’s worth reaching out to Snapmaker support or consulting their community forums for further assistance specific to the left nozzle issue. They may provide additional troubleshooting steps or guidance on how to resolve the problem.

In the meantime, you could try manually adjusting the left nozzle’s height to ensure proper clearance during printing. However, addressing the root cause of why it’s not lifting during calibration is crucial for consistent and successful prints.

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As there are contradictory answers, I wrote to the support. I’ll post the answer on this topic. but now they are on holiday for the “Dragon Boat Festival”. Sounds like fun :slight_smile:

“Nancy” is just an AI reply.

@ Boxkite ok thanks for the tipps.

Snapmaker answer and the left nozzle shouldn’t move. And as TheBum said, the best it’s to apply an offset to the nozzle after the calibration.