Heated bed wire hitting enclosure


I am having an intermittant problem where the heated bed will not heat up. If I fiddle with the wire it normally solves the problem. I susect that the issue is related to the wire hitting the enclosure. I found some old posts on the forum about this issue with suggestions on how to solve the issue, though limited feedback on which solutions (if any) were effective.
Has anyone else found any particularly good solutions?
Thanks in advance.

Frankly that sounds like a fire hazard and you should reach out to support. You may need to purchase another heated bed if you don’t feel up to replacing the failing cable via soldering. Consider installing some sort of strain relief on the new one as the plastic mount has a sharp corner that causes accelerated wear at the rear of the bed.

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Thanks Brent,

I have contacted the company I brought the printer from to see if they sell spares (hoping to avoid postage from China…). I found something on thingiverse that I am going to try with the replacement. I hadn’t thought about trying to resolder the original. I’ll have a look and see what I think, though I wonder if that would invalidate any warrenty that may be left over?

Yea wouldn’t want to not burn down your house, that might void the warranty lmao. Typically warranty denial (legally) is limited to affected parts. If a linear module stops working it would be unreasonable to claim the heated bed cable repair is to blame. Now, if in the process of repairing the cable you shorted out the controller that would be a valid reason to deny warranty replacement of the controller, as an example.

BHPhoto apparently doesn’t carry that anymore, neither does Adorama or Amazon… interesting.

Looks like only the snapmaker store carries it. I think it would be around $40 including shipping.

Personally I’d risk voiding the warranty on a $40 replaceable part.

It’s strange that the snapmaker orginal heated bed replacement seems easy enough to get hold of, though the 2.0 doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere. I often find that https://www.imakr.com/ can get hold of more than what is listed on their web site, so hopefully they will be able to get one.

I certainly won’t be printing over night until I get this bit replaced.

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This. You’ve likely got an arc fault happening inside the cable. Not only is it likely to arc, create ozone, damage the insulation, and catch on fire, arcs are also a significant source of electrical noise and surges than can cause transient misbehavior or permanent damage to the electronics.

Thanks all,

I got a replacement heated bed. The suppliers support staff and the team at snapmaker are dubious this was a mechanical issue and believe it was more likely a faulty wire.
The new bed is working so at least I don’t have the fire risk now.

Thanks for the help!