Snapmaker 2 A350 Gcode G4

Snapmaker 2 A350 Gcode
What is the default dwell time if G4 Px is not used?
Using Snapmaker Luban software there is a setting for this (G4 Px).
Gcode generated from Lightburn does not contain this setting and I didn’t know how this was handled by the controller.

I was hoping somebody more knowledgable would chime in.

Looking at the GCode reference, it seems like G4 requires either a P or S arg.

But if you read the firmware source, the code does not require either arg, and the default is 0ms. If you pass in both a P and S arg, the S arg overrides the P arg. I would’ve expected them to be be additive.

[Edit: I updated the GCode reference link to the original, not my copy]

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Yes, per Dwell | Marlin Firmware

If both S and P are included, S takes precedence.

G4 with no arguments is effectively the same as M400.

For images it appears lightburn always uses a short line to effect a dwell-like behavior, but yes, I cannot seem to force it to generate dots with dwells.

For lines you can add a dwell after a cut. It generates G4 as you would expect:


If the default is 0ms, does that mean the laser is on with no dwell and if so, what power? or does it mean the laser is off?

Basically what I’m trying to determine is why the SM1 runs almost 4 times faster than the SM2 running exactly the same file and settings. I would like to think that the SM2 would have equal if not better performance than the SM1, but so far theSM2 is proving to be a great disappointment as is their tech support regarding my concerns.

You’d have to read the GCode to see if the software is turning the laser on or off or adjusting the power level.