Github firmware question

I recently purchased an A350 and was somewhat surprised to read that the firmware is compiled without the codes for pausing a job. Am I correct in understanding that the firmware in the public repository will enable that function? Is there any downside to compiling and flashing it? I want to precisely control the layer at which it pauses, which can be difficult to do manually.

I’m also curious what the community considers to be the most needed modifications. So far I’ve used some extrusions and t slot nuts I had laying around to reposition the spool and create a rack for a desiccator. The next thing I want to do is something about this ridiculous power supply with one tiny fan running at full speed all the time.



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At this time, no, assuming you’re referring to M0, M1, M108, M112, or M600. There has been limited discussion related to adding these functions, but it’s not trivial to do and requires skirting some hardware limitations of the processor related to interrupts.

I believe this was the last discussion, related to remapping the pause commands to the filament runout trigger, which would allow using the touchscreen to resume, but I don’t see any indication it was ever implemented.

Thanks for the response. I see that you’ve been very involved in this discussion.

Just update the command M600.