Snapmaker 2.0 settings are available in Cura 4.9

Hi everyone,

Recently, we find that Cura 4.9 have added the Snapmaker 2.0 defaulting settings.

Users can use this profile with Snapmaker 2.0 Machine.


Are these official? Is it wise to have ‘unofficial’ profiles included with Cura?

My v1 sits in the corner, unloved.

For the v1, is the machine_heads_with_fans_polygon and gantry_height the same as the v2?

If so, I can submit a PR that adds the v1.

I updated Cura yesterday and immediately noticed the profile. I haven’t used Cura for my Snapmaker (I have an ultimaker S5 Pro that was gifted to me). After the update I went to add a printer to see if they added official profiles in Cura and they did. I stared at it for a second to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, and there was “Snapmaker”, expanded the arrow and it showed sub profiles “a150, a250, a350”. Added a350 and it hid options that the Snapmaker is not capable of and the default settings were the exact same as Luban’s “Normal” default with the added bonus of all the infill patterns and some other stuff.

Firstly, millions of thanks to our users for contributing the Snapmaker profile for Cura 4.9. Our software team has reviewed the files and confirm that this is compatible with Snapmaker machines.

Although, some parameters are different in codes between the add snapmaker 2.0 definition and Snapmaker Luban master file, but those parameters will not affect the slicing function.


Hi Edwin, I tried to run the Cura 4.9 in my new Mac Mini with M1 CPU but it crashes and I haven’t succeed in fixing that. So I tried the Prusa slicer but the SM2 profile only supports A350 and I’m unsure how many parameters I need to change. I don’t want to risk running the head into the platform or any other damaging behaviour.
So two q’s for you:

  1. How do I modify the Prusa slicer for A150?
  2. Any idea how to run the Cura 4.9 on M1 CPU?
    Kindly Svante

Try checking the
Cura issues
page - SM is not responsible for Cura, just Luban.

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Cura is made by ultimaker not Snapmaker, you’d have to contact them about any issues with it not working on an OS.

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I am afraid that you need to contact Ultimaker team regarding Cura 4.9.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for all three answers to my second question. I got it.
However the first one is the more important. I found a driver for Prusa but for A350. Not sure how to edit it. I found the volume parameters, XYZ in the beginning of the file and can change those to A150 size. Later in teh code I could not understand if it references A350 values or not. So now the question is if I need to change anything else than the initial measurements???
Grateful for som education in driver architecture!

Read this post: Prusa Slicer Profile

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I guess it’s down to trial and error then. :smiley:
Wish me good luck. :nerd_face:

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any chance we can get settings in cura for the OG Snapmaker? I’m willing to do some work if I know where to get the dat a submit.

Did you mean Snapmaker Original?

Please refer to this article:

The start Gcode and the end Gcode are the same while you need to change the machine size

These are without a doubt unofficial :slight_smile:. I did try to mirror the Luban settings to the greatest degree possible. I use the profile regularly with my A350, but the A250/A150 are based solely on what I can determine from looking at the Luban code.

@Edwin I’ll take a look at the latest Luban settings and see if there is anything I can update or improve. I love my Snapmaker and appreciate that the Luban team (and the Cura team) have both created great open-source projects.