Prusa Slicer Profile

Does anyone have an Prusa Slicer Profile for the Snapmaker 2?



I’m also interessted in a Profile for Prusa Slicer.

I do yes. I will have to export it when I get home later this evening. It is largely untested due to my bed level issues though.

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Here is a project file and a config file. Not tuned just yet but mostly (2.2 MB)

It won’t let me upload the .3mf or .ini files so had to zip them


Thanks for the Profile. I tested them out. It works really well :slight_smile:

Ive modified it a bit with my existing profile included the Starting Script with a Purge Line like Prusa Starndard so that there is no need for additional Purge lines. I can also recommend to decrease the speed of the first layer.

Thanks a lot !

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No problem. I basically just copied the stock settings with a few mods and had not yet added a purge line because I still need a skirt to check the actual print area due to my bed being so wavy.




How do you install the ini file in prusaslicer? When I import config bundle it says 0 profiles succesfully imported

Open File -> Import -> Import Configuration and load the ini file.
Not the collection! :wink:


I was running octoprint with my prusa. This profile is great but I’m really missing the send to printer button. Has anyone figured out if it’s possible to send directly to snapmaker via prusa slicer?

Or will I need to export code and load into SM’s software to send over network?

I have the same question. . .

In PrusaSlicer go to Printer Settings and click on the gear to the right of the text box on the first line of the page. That will open a Physical Printer dialog box.

There you can choose OctoPrint as the host type and enter the IP address for your printer and the API Key that you generated in OctoPrint. You may be able to browse for your OctoPrint Pi but that option didn’t work for me while entering the IP address did.

This is for PrusaSlicer 2.3 - I’m sure earlier versions work similarly.

This is great. I would like to try it on my A150. What do I need to change??

Hi there, I import the file then after I’d like to customize my settings to adapt on my A250 (changed only dimensions of the bed and max hight) but it return impossible to erase the extern profile. Have anyone a advice for me so I can record the changed settings on my custom profile?

OKay self response, I just had to rename the file so I can replace it.

I’ve got a problem using your file, the 2 first layers are not printed but the noozle do his route job without extrusion… Is there something I’m missing?

There is nothing in the Prusa profile that should do that. What did you use to slice the model and was it on Z0 when you did?
Just to check, what do you have in your start GCODE in Prusa? Its under the Printer Settings tab, Custom G-code.
It’s always worth printing a skirt. Setting is under the Print Settings tab, Skirt & brim. I like 3 loops 1 layer. That way if you have an extrusion problem it should be obvious and printing the skirt might even fix it.

Hi and thanks a lot for the answer. I checked the GCode this afternoon with a friend and this crappy things are listed for real.
I’ve modified it for test , the print is running

If anyone is looking for A250 profiles, I’ve started to collect mine on GitHub - mrworf/snapmaker-prusa: Profiles for Prusa slicer which are designed for the Snapmaker 2.0 … So far, only PETG :smile: but it’s a start, will happy accept PRs for other material and machines.


Awesome, I hope to see this repo grow. I’ve added my contribution for the A350, and included a model (thanks to the late @stefix for the design) and print bed (by me) to help with positioning prints: