Prusa Slicer Profile

Does anyone have an Prusa Slicer Profile for the Snapmaker 2?



I’m also interessted in a Profile for Prusa Slicer.

I do yes. I will have to export it when I get home later this evening. It is largely untested due to my bed level issues though.

Here is a project file and a config file. Not tuned just yet but mostly (2.2 MB)

It won’t let me upload the .3mf or .ini files so had to zip them


Thanks for the Profile. I tested them out. It works really well :slight_smile:

Ive modified it a bit with my existing profile included the Starting Script with a Purge Line like Prusa Starndard so that there is no need for additional Purge lines. I can also recommend to decrease the speed of the first layer.

Thanks a lot !

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No problem. I basically just copied the stock settings with a few mods and had not yet added a purge line because I still need a skirt to check the actual print area due to my bed being so wavy.