SnapMaker 2.0 - Pen Attachment

Simple z axis holder for pens and markers. Designed around the SnapMaker 2.0 but I believe it would work for the SnapMaker 1 as well.

It has two pieces. The mount which connects to the x axis, and the holder that connects to the linear bearings.

I used M4 Allen (Hex/Inbus) Socket Thumb Screw Knob Cap by GuySie - Thingiverse for the m4 cap screws.

Hardware can be found here.


Linear Bearings

YouTube Demo Video

3D Print Files for Pen Sled

PowerShell Script

The PowerShell script is a great example on how to find the SnapMakeron the network and send commands without having to have a 3d print, cnc, laser module attached.