Snapmaker 2.0 A350 3d printing module clogged

So in an unfortunate accident, the 3d printing module for my Snapmaker 2.0 is clogged real bad, i’ve tried prying it out with tweezers but no luck. Anyone able to give some advice?

With the nozzle heated, push it downwards with a long pin or something from above and it’ll push it out!

After that, insert the filament and apply pressure with your hand, and it will come out as it melts and can be used.

Try doing this with the temperature about 20 degrees higher than usual!
ABS is at 260°C…

The other thing that can work is needle-nosed pliers (I have a small pair of serrated bent-nosed pliers that could probably get a grip on that). @Blockmodule’s suggestion will also work, though—it’s just more involved.

Depending on the material this can be real frustrating. I had something similar happen and when I heated it up to try to pull it out, it melted down too far to get ahold of it. At that point I decide to take the nozzle off and used a 1/64" drill bit to clear the nozzle. Hopefully with the nozzle off you can heat it again and gently push through with other filament. Be patient and take your time so you don’t damage the extruder.

Or you can just pull a spare out of the drawer and not waste your time and effort. Keep a bunch on hand for such situations.