SM1, Laser Module And Power Controlling

Workalot is tinkering again. He has mounted his 200mW module and through Tera Term, is placing G Code statements to SM1 (while wearing required eyewear).

Its about turning the Laser on at a power level. There appears to be 2 statements possible: “M3 P50” and "M3 S127. Both will turn the Laser LED on at a diminished power.

The question is: does P50 equate to S127 in Marlin speak? The argument is an “S127” delivers a PWM output of 50% duty cycle. This in turn means the average voltage supplied is half the full voltage, and in turn this means the average power is quartered.

To get 50% power an “M3 S180” is necessary.



I noticed in Luban, my 200mW laser is not an option, and is detected as the 1.6 watt version. It also defaults to 6% power in Luban. It also turns on randomly when setting up position on the workbed. Not ideal. I have updated my snapmaker original to the latest available firmware, but maybe this was a mistake.

I am really hoping for some QoL improvements to snapmaker Original. If there will not be QoL updates and the firmware/Luban/SnapmakerJS will not be open sourced, I will think twice before buying a snapmaker 2.0

After being overpromised and undersold the first time (where is the modularity and expendiblity I was promised when backing the kickstarter?). Can’t even buy the 1.6 watt laser and Z extension anymore.

It was never a very good 3D printer, and by now there’s far better/faster for far cheaper. I would still like to use the CNC and milling function of the SN1, but it needs some improvements like tool probing and work area Z-mapping. Having at least a manual tool change instruction would also save me a lot of time and attention fiddling around with different tool passes.

All can be easily made and provided by the community if snapmaker would only open source the firmware… But they’d rather sell version 2.0 which is significantly more expensive, but I’m guessing will also require user made upgrades…

Might save up for a carvera :wink: Could always buy the snapmaker and blow the extra money on something else.