Sloppy mechanics

The bed holder is holding very badly. It have 2-3 mm backlash.
How can I fix it?
Here is a video of it:

Did you mean to put this in ‘Snapmaker Original’ ?

You will probably have to follow the intructions here:
There are also some youtube videos (not all correct, but still useful). And search the forum for other opinions.


Corrected to Snapmaker 2.0.
If the hint of @Boxkite does not bring the solution maybe the bracing kit is what you need, pre-order is available:


I personally would recommend to tighten the sliders even if you have the bracing kit. Hope is, once the bracing kit is installed, tightening is history…

When a brazing kit is installed, if a tool is pressed against the table or overloaded due to operational errors, the IC will be burned or damaged because the slider will eliminate the part that was escaping.

Without the brazing kit, the slider loosens and the force escapes, so even if the linear module is damaged, it could be covered to some extent by retightening.

Those who have installed a brazing kit should be careful.

Thank you all the answers!
If the IC is burned, then hopefully it is possible to detect the power consumption increase, and abort the operation.
Are there such a solution yet for Snapmaker or in general for Marlin or in even more general for any milling machine?