Slicer display failure at linux

Good morning,
On my workbench I use an old Sony Vaio Laptop as a machine interface.
As the Luban Linux version runs 5 times faster than under Win10 I’d prefer to use Luban under Linux.
Unfortunately the slicer preview shows a display error under Linux both with the program and in the browser. On the same unit the Windows version works correctly (but slow).
Luban is the actual version 4.8.2 completely removed and freshly installed.
I add the linux hardware system report.
All in all the new Luban version is nicely to use - I like it
Thanks in advance for any response!
Sony_Vaio.docx (6.3 KB)

I don’t think there areany people using Linux around here.
Did you submit a ticket? Support Ticket Form

Thank you, I’ll try this way …

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For all LINUX users: Luban is supported by Ubuntu only …

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