Skip Calibrate Camera 10w

Is there anyway in bypassing 'Calibrate Camera’, when changing modules on artisan, if not could Pleaseeee have this a further firmware up. WHY…I don’t use it as most use ‘Work Origin’ as the most reliable and precise way and Calibrate Camera set up is time consuming.

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It’s not very clear why would you need that…

Can’t skip Calibrate Camera’ when calibrating no options… I tried tapping on the “x” left top corner but takes me back to C.Cam and I don’t camera setup on Luban

I would like to add my support for this request!

Please give us the option to skip the Camera Calibration step on the 10W laser module, as in many cases, the camera is not used and therefore it’s calibration is not required.

As there is already the “X” user interface element, can you just have that one cancel the Camera Calibration process?

Or, better yet, allow use to choose totally skipping the Camera Calibration in the setup wizard?



I would also like to have this function


Absolutely, having that as an option skipping XY Offset Calibration in 3D calibrating, should an additional option for camera capture cutting position point, saves a lot of time, for those who utilize on going module exchange. 40w does not utilize camera function, I think that speaks for it self…

I wish to be able to skip the camera calibration for 2 reasons:
1./ to speed-up the process of switching to laser module when I don’t need the camera.
2./ because it does not work.

The picture taken is too low resolution. The corners are missing from the pattern (I appreciate the need to keep tabs to hold the square, just don’t put them at the most critical place). The algorithm obviously accepts extremely unlikely values. The machine is not using past calibration data to improve the process.