Simple 3D Scanner Module?

So, I think we should look into getting a scanner module put together for the SnapMaker

There’s a lot of inexpensive photogrammetry scanners for 3D that should be easily adaptable to the SnapMaker platform.

For the head, we’d need a decent camera and a pair of line lasers. And we’d need to add a rotating base to get all the shots.

Something similar to the Ciclop scanner here:

A fairly cheap, good 3D scanner is from Matter and Form at between $500-$750, depending on whether you buy the V1 or V2 version. You can also still purchase the Xbox One Kinect Camera (which is now discontinued, but still available) and download the “3D Scan” app from Microsoft Store to scan the object, before you import it to 3D Builder to fix the topology. A full guide on how to do this can be found here.

As for Snapmaker, last year they said they probably wouldn’t sell their own module. However, if they were to at least investigate making a turntable module, and possibly an Xbox One Kinect mount for their Linear Modules, this would be better than nothing; for people who can’t afford a self-contained 3d scanner.

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+1 on the 3D scanning module – this is a must to complete the [already awesome] package.

@SimonSpencer for me personally it’s not even a question of being able to afford a self-contained 3D scanner, but rather wanting to have a single, integrated device which doesn’t take the full 50 sqft of room I have at my disposal.