Scheduled pause at specific layer in print job


I was wondering if it’s possible to schedule a pause in the print at a specific layer?
If not, it would be a very useful feature for embedding an item inside a print.

Of course it’s possible to do it manually but you have to time it and wait for the correct layer which is somewhat tedious and time consuming.

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I haven’t seen that option anywhere in Luban. Cura has a post-processing script to do it (as well as others), but I haven’t personally tested it. I don’t what it does, or if it requires firmware support on the device.

You could select the correct line if you open your .gcode with wordpad or something similar, splitting your code into two pieces.

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This is absolutely a standard function in normal g-code, it’s called an M00 command (those are zeros). And it is supposed to force a pause in the running program, which the user has to resume by pressing the “run” button. I have no idea if it’s supported though, certainly worth checking out!