Scale illustrator to Luban Way off


First of all im new to Snapmaker and also to luban (3.13.3).

I got a few problems with the scale of my files:

I figured out that when i import a blender file the scale is:
1 meter in blender = 10mm in Luban

But when I export a SVG File from Adobe Illustrator with a square cube size 100mm x100mm
and import these in luban the square is just 36,4mm x 36,4mm

can someone help me to explain this?

There’s a bug in Luban’s SVG import that you will find mentioned repeatedly in other threads here.

thanx i found work around:

Opening the SVG file in Illustrator en use the canvas size from that svg in Luban’s width and higth.

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Thank you this was super helpful!