CNC-Mode with 4th Axis

Hello, i got a qustion about the process of machining with the 4th axis:
The axis of the machine run simultaneously, with the exeption of the Y-Axis.
The Y-Axis goes in steps, which can be configured via Luban.
In this mode there are many objects that i would like to machine are not possible. Parts like helical gears and so on.

Is there any chance that Luban get’s a “full” cnc mode?

Greeting Ranger

Why not just use Fusion360?

Because 4th axis isn’t included in the free fusion360 version.
You can do like 3.5 axis stuff Rotary Module with Fusion360: It works! (good enough) (mill, rotate, mill rotate…) but no continuous rotation while milling.

And if you are paying for Fusion360, there’s a good chance you’re not using a snapmaker :innocent:

I know this is heavy to expect, but if somebody buys a Snapmaker 2.0 with most of the availible Modules, and the the CNC-Mode of the machine ist somewhat restricted, that is a point of disapointment.

All the parts costs a lot of money (and that’s okay from the Hardware-Quality) and when the machine and software looses at this point it’s pretty disapointing.

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The machine is perfectly capable of it. It’s the software that comes with the machine that’s not. As a rule, the sellers of CNC gear don’t toss in a CAD/CAM program with the machine; it’s up to user to already have that. SM tried to claim Luban was up to it; it’s not.