Rotary/10w laser: tapered 16oz beer glasses

I volunteered to make some glasses for an event. It’s quite a few of them but I have a month to make 120.

First up, Chuck wasn’t capable of holding the glass. Measured the inner and outer diameter of the cup and measured the angle to determine the shape of the wedge I needed. I went to tinker cad and build a small enough cylinder to hold in the Chuck, then applied a cone on top of it to generate the wedge. I used a slightly smaller (1mm) difference to let it slide smoothly.

Printed that thing. Worked pretty good! I used large rubber bands to make up the gap and painters tape to keep the laser from damaging it.

Next up was the graphics… tapered glass makes a circle a no go. I followed a YouTube video:

It’ll walk you through how to use photoshop or a similar program to ‘warp’ the image.

Basic steps were:

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Take angle * 2 - 2.22

Warp by that percent

scale width 10%

I found scale width do 10% wasn’t enough and stuck with 20%. It’s still not perfect but looks pretty good.

Another thing I did was to use long m4 screws with wing nuts to lift the rotary module up and level the glass to the laser. First time doing that/thanks to the guy who posted that idea.

I’m 1/10th complete :hugs:

Spray is LBT laser spray. Washes off easily.
Settings are 1500mm/min / 65% power /.15 line spacing.


Thank you for sharing the step by step!

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I had some issues where I was trying to laser faster than the rotary module supported. @Hauke gave me one solution with a nice chart. Bug: Luban allows faster speeds than the rotary module can accept - #6 by Hauke

@Skreelink gave me a simple math equation: d x 3.14 x 7.5 = Max Speed in mm/min .

Thanks guys!


Update. I’m about 50% done with the cups. I had to buy some more laser marking spray. I purchased OMtech black spray… it’s supposed to be for metal but it works real nice. :hugs:

And about half the cost of LBT. Clean up was just washing off with soap and water.

Another update. The omtech spray is cheaper but doesn’t last as long as the LBT spray.