"Riven" (game)-themed headphone holder

With all the work from home this year, I’ve spent a lot of time with headphones over my ears. When not in use, though, they’re taking up space on the desk, or else off to the side on a filing cabinet.

I designed and made a headphone holder for the edge of my desk, themed around the videogame “Riven”. (My Covid project has been decorating my office in a “Myst” game theme, and Riven is the second in that series.)

The design concept was to make something strong out of pieces that look fragile, so I repeated the ribs to provide a contoured resting space, then a slightly larger endcap to keep the phones in place. I did 1mm cutouts on either side for the ribs to sit in place, and added 2x3mm plywood underneath for structural support.

Not a bad little weekend project. :slight_smile:

Software: LightBurn

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Thank you for sharing this work. :grinning: :grinning: