Reset Y coordinate

Hi everyone,

I just added a Quick Disconnect assembly between the Printer Module and the A350 module mounting plate. This extends the Printer Module out 10mm in the Y axis. How can I adjust the Y axis coordinate to compensate for this? This needs to be done to correctly recalibrate the machine.


Most people just accept the loss in print area. I know I rarely need the whole 125mm x 125mm of my Original’s bed. 125mm x 115mm would only be noticed during calibration. Given your much larger A350, I wouldn’t worry about it.

But if that extra 10mm is important, you need to find a way to shift the bed forward, or move the Z rails backwards. Drilling new holes in the base is relatively simple, and probably easier than mounting the bed 10mm forward. If you want to be very precise, I’d recommend a drill press for a perfect 90º hole. But realistically, with 4 holes and a flat mounting plate, you shouldn’t need them. Make sure you de-burr the upper surface around the holes, or that might throw the Z axises out of true.

Although moving the Z axises back is slightly tricker on the A250 and A350. It’s important that both Z axises move the exact same amount. You might want to design and print a jig that registers in the existing 4 holes, and provides a punch location for the 4 new holes. That way you know you’re drilling all 8 holes the precise 10mm, and the bit can’t wander during drilling.