Recovery after power failure, not exactly working

I test things. If you tell me “it can do X”, I’m probably going to try that.

So I started a simple print, running from the touchscreen, and let it get a few layers in.
Then I just turned the outlet strip off, which removes power from the SM.
On power up, I was asked if I wanted to continue the job.
I did, and it looked good to start with, but it seems that it skipped most of a layer, which left me with a “top half” and a “bottom half” barely hanging together.

I’m not sure what it takes to make this right, but this isn’t useful.


  • Which version of firmware you were using?
  • Could you please upgrade the latest firmware and try to resume the print again.
  • You can send some photos of the shifted model so that I can confirm it.
  • PM me the STL and G-code file you failed to resume.

Best regards

I tossed the print.
I have the model, you want gcode?
I had already flashed the firmware to whatever was on the web site as of friday.