Power Loss Recovery Mode not working

First post, I didn’t see this talked about.

I live out in the country and sometimes with a storm rolls in the power blips off for a little bit. One of the main selling points for the Snapmaker 2.0 is that it had a powersave mode to start where it left off. It has not been doing that with these last few updates. I keep hoping everytime a new firmware comes out that it’ll fix it but it hasn’t. What is going on?? Can anyone help?

Ugh I wish that had been specified better in the ads, I would have just gotten a different printer in that case and bought a thing for it. I figured this printer would let me bypass one of those and let me do the 3-in-1 as a bonus.

I didn’t realize that. The only other 3D printer I’ve had was the Anet A8 and when I bought it was less than 200. I hated it because it was so open source and non-user friendly. I did some research on this machine, and liked how plug and play it seemed, and it had been ages since I’d bought my Anet. I don’t 3D print because I like the printers, or even care that much about them. I like to make things. Printers help with that, even if I do have to fight with the tech. The snapmaker makes me fight with it less, but it still frustrating. It’s the only tool I use other than my computer that’s not at least 40 years old. I like things that do what they were built for, always. With my sewing machines, my lathe, all the other things I use to make what I like, I know their limits and their strengths because they’re all lined out in the manuals. So long as I keep them oiled, they do what they were built for. Always have and very likely always will. I’m going to keep learning about this machine and keep trying but I’m going to need help because anything that requires this much fussing is just annoying, even if it does require less fussing than my Anet.

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