Raft sticking to the print

I can’t find this issue on another topic but apologies if this is a repeat.
I tend to print using a raft as printing without one normally ends up with a failed print (I accept that this is most likely due to my calibration and I’m working on it) however I’m finding it very hard to remove the raft from the print.
The machine is set to standard in terms of bed temp but I have to use the pallet knift to pry the raft off and it has become very annoying and time consuming. Does anybody else have this issue and/or any recommendations?
As I said I’m working on getting the calibration correct so don’t worry about recommending that, but presumably if the raft were to be required then removing it should be simple.

If you don’t really need the support of a raft, i.e. the object doesn’t have a small footprint and it’s not top-heavy, then you might use a brim instead. It’s basically a single-layer raft and easy to remove.

Nice one, I’ll try that one out tongiht :slight_smile:

I didn’t get a chance to power up the printer last night but I did get a chance to think about this. Whilst I appreciate the workaround @TheBum I wondering about when I actually need to use a raft and how I’ll overcome the problem. Any ideas?

Well, since you asked, I always use glue stick on the bed and never have adhesion problems.

Yeah, I tried a raft and since then always use a brim setting.
Also, blue tape, light sandpaper and a mild water-soluble adhesive work wonders.

Cheers both,
As I said, getting the raft off the bed isn’t an issue it’s getting the raft off the print that is a chore. I have realised though that I’ve not been getting to my prints until a few hours after they have finished printing. Would this add to the problem do you think?

It might. The plastic is more pliable immediately after the print.

I believe rafts are best used when there is very little part contact with the bed.

As I alluded to above, I think rafts are good for models with very little bed contact and whose center of gravity is high. Brims are more suitable for thin and not-too-tall models with very little bed contact.

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Hello everyone. I have a big problem detaching the raft from the printout. The raft has 3 layers. The top layer is smooth. I think that’s the reason. Before the Luban updates, this was not a problem. What can I do to make the raft detach easily from the print? I’m using PLA. Is it possible to change something in the settings to get rid of the problem. I care about printing with the raft.

You can only modify Raft Extra Margin in Snapmaker Luban. We have not received other issues on the raft. But we will continuously collect the users’ feedback, and see if this issue can be verified and fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your response. I have noticed that the speed of the first layer has an influence on the grip. The higher the speed, the less it sticks. Unfortunately, at the expense of quality

Correctly. As you can see the settings in Snapmaker Luban, we have set a very slow first layer print speed in default settings.

Normally, the lower the speed is, the better the first layer will be.