Quick Swap Icon Request

For those who have quick-swap installed/enabled on the SM2, would it be possible to get a button on the menu? From a UI standpoint I think this would be a fantastic idea, instead of scrolling through the settings menu.

EDIT: For clarity, a button for the Parking feature of quick swap

How often do you actually mount or dismount the Quick Swap Kit? After mounting it, I once confirmed it, and assume that I’ll not need this setting for a very long time. The only reason I may have to ever dismount the QSK would be if I’d need to run a project that needs the full build volume…

In other words: I don’t see the benefit from cluttering the UI with such an option - there are other UI elements I’d really prefer to be present, which I’d prioritize…

I would prefer a Button for the Quick Swap Parking position in the UI.

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Ah, good point, yes, I can agree to that - sorry for me being obtuse!

My apologies for no being clearer. I meant for the park function. I use this function not only bed/head swap, but also for filament swap as well as head maintenance as needed. (nozzles, clear jams, bit swaps, etc.)


+1 from me, go to quick swap park position button, please!

While not as tidy and efficient as having a button right on the touchscreen, in the meantime you can make a simple .bat or .sh file to quickly click on to wirelessly send the commands to park into position.

@echo off
curl -X POST "http://[IP HERE]:8080/api/v1/connect?token=[TOKEN HERE]"
curl -X POST "http://[IP HERE]:8080/api/v1/execute_code?token=[TOKEN HERE]&code=G53"
curl -X POST "http://[IP HERE]:8080/api/v1/execute_code?token=[TOKEN HERE]&code=G0X#Y#Z#"
curl -X POST "http://[IP HERE]:8080/api/v1/execute_code?token=[TOKEN HERE]&code=G54"

Just input your IP and token into it, my old thread on where to find it can be found here. Someone put it in the swap position, note down the X/Y/Z machine coordinates and edit them into the third line above. Save as a batch file, something like QuickChange.bat and when opened, should send the command to the snapmaker to move to the coordinates to change it out. Sorry I don’t have a mac or linux machine handy to convert to a .sh, but it should be very similar.

Basically it just swaps to machine coords, tells the machine to go to the specified location, then swaps back to work coords.

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Agreed, having the Quick Swap Parking icon on the main menu screen would be a nice feature!

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A button for “somewhere in the middle” park position would be very useful, even in the absence of the quick swap kit.

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