Question about laser safety in enclosure


I just received the backerkit and was looking at the enclosure. Someone mentioned that the optical density (OD) of the enclosure’s panels is OD1. Is this true?

Thank you.

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If you are looking for a response from a Snapmaker employee, I would suggest emailing them at

The OD rating of the enclosure hasn’t been assessed by an official institution yet.

I also need to know this answer, which is very important to me and my children!

Yet you’re selling it as a safety measure?


Sorry for the confusion, but we plan to get it assessed in the future.

Having got the enclosure for my A350 I don’t believe it will pass any testing- reason being there are small gaps between the panels, so it could never be ‘safe’ regardless of the OD rating of the enclosure. If you’re interested I can take some pictures to demonstrate?

I’m interested so yes please post a pic

Oh wow…That is sad to hear. I have already ordered my enclosure…

@andybites thanks for the pics. That’s discouraging to say the least. Very disappointed about this development.

@JKC20: That’s a big issue for me too! I’m thinking of canceling my preorder for the enclosure and building one thats truly laserproof myself. For me the enclosure is important to protect my children from the laser.

I am just going to use a $100 grow tent, they are fire proof and vents.


i thought about using a grow tent too… but after getting my A350, i’m not sure its a good option, you need good accessibility to the back of the machine if you want to switch functions (tool head screws go in from the back). i’m thinking of putting mine in a closet with an IP camera for monitoring.

Sorry for the late reply. I asked our R&D department about this and showed him your picture, he said the gaps on your enclosure appear to be larger than designed. I will have my colleague here @Edwin help you address this.