Enclosure questions

Hello Snapmaker folks,

I have some enclosure questions I hope you can answer:

  1. What size in cm is that hole for extraction?
  2. How would this work it with CNC or do you need to remove it?
  3. Does it have a floor or does it just sit on top - it’s hard to tell in some of the pictures. It looks like no?
  4. Does it come with a fan?

Thanks in advance,


user manual for the new enclosure

  1. one long and one short side can be completely opened.
  2. don’t know what you mean… the enclosure can be used for CNC aswell.
  3. no floor
  4. yes

You might be able to attach a vacuum cleaner through the table your snapmaker is standing on. Just don’t forget you need to be able to close it up if you are laser engraving

To those who already have the enclosure: is it actually worth it? (I pre-ordered my snapmaker and this week received the questionnaire with option to order the enclosure as well)

In all honesty, I find it extremely expensive and see only limited added value. Especially when I read threads like this: Question about laser safety in enclosure

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